Fee Regulations

  • Students are forbidden to bring mobile phones to school.
  • Mobile phones once confiscated will not be returned.
  • Tuition fee is to be paid for 12 months and has to be deposited at the local bank specified by the school.
  • Kindly read the instructions given in the Fee Book.
  • Students must avoid loud talk in and out of classes, and also chorus answers. Perfect discipline must be maintained while going down for Music, P. T. and Library etc.
  • The annual fees (comprising term fee, electricity, water, sanitation and hygiene, sports and games), Library fee, magazine, functions, examination fee and late fee also will be charged every year.
  • The School reserves its right to revise the fees without prior notice to meet the rise in expenditure due to the increase of the cost of living, as long as the school does not receive grant in aid from the government.